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Forum Rules ( read before posting )

posted Sep 30, 2010 14:27:29 by Neygee

-Please keep all posts clean and non-abusive

-Please speak in plain English as much as possible - no "txt spk"

-Post within the correct forum

-Do not post the same thread multiple times - search through the forum FIRST

-Keep threads on topic

-If your reply is not relevant, then don't post

-Do not double-post - use the EDIT function

-Do not insult or abuse other members. Even if you are joking, it's only a joke if EVERYONE involved sees it as such

-Spam posts or topics WILL NOT be tolerated.

-ANY reference/links/images to pornographic/inappropriate material will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.

-Admins/Mods reserve the right to move/close a thread as necessary

-Infractions and/or Banning will occur for breaching the above

---By making use of these forums you agree to be bound by these rules, and understand the consequences of breaking them.---

---If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member or our Moderating Team.---

-If you have any ideas for updates/improvements to these rules, please PM Pyr0technician and/or Admin

Your co-operation is much appreciated.


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